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We Need YOU to Keep Building for Rights!​

2020 has been a year full of unexpected challenges, presenting most of us with learnings but also with difficulties, therefore we have had to adapt, change and keep moving forward. Fortunately, resilience is in our DNA and we want to keep enabling communities and building for rights in Denmark and around the world.

To achieve our goals we need members like you; people that believe that change is possible, people who stand up and take action to keep injustices at bay, people who believe that architecture, planning and built environment are game changers in a rapidly urbanizing and changing world.

Two rows of kids waving at the photographer. In the background a building.

As a non-profit organization our work is highly dependent on our members support, for this reasion, currently we offer 3 different types of memberships which allow us to continue with our operations and projects; first, we have the supportive membership, which gives you priority access to our workshops, internships, volunteering and global networking opportunities. Second, the active membership, which on top of the perks mentioned earlier, gives you access to our customized newsletter and online access to our yearly publications. Finally, our corporate membership, a tailored opportunity for organizations and companies who are aligned with our mission, vision and committed to the UN SDGs.

If becoming a member is too much of a commitment, you are always welcome to donate through PayPal or a bank transfer.

Any questions? Get in contact with us! Anyone you know might be interested? Share the news with them!