2021 Workshop Call

Douiret, Tunisia

The Workshop 1plus1 is a participatory seminar where participants have the possibility to learn building techniques, work side-by-side with the local communities and develop personal skills while working alongside the EAHR team.

Douiret is a small jewel in the desert settled into a hill, following the orography of the relief. The buildings are a composition of different construction techniques, which represent the complexity of living in this arid context.

Dug inside the rocks – between layers of tectonic sequences – houses, olive mills, mosques and laboratories exist in a mix of caves, with small passages, doors and dwellings built with the waste materials from the excavation.

The 1plus1 Workshops works to strengthen the knowledge and highlight the practicalities of reconstruction in parts of the village with Earth Construction techniques. The initiative will address the partial reconstruction of Douiret, and aims to apply practical and efficient solutions, through the spread of sustainable practice while protecting local heritage. It seeks to establish a permanent program focusing on the Village of Douiret, Tataouine, aiming to create a spiral of positive change.

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