Workshop 5by5

Workshop 5by5 is a dynamic workshop, developed together with universities, organizations and institutions. Participants have the possibility to learn methodological and operational frameworks as well as developing professional approaches.

Workshop 5by5 is seen as incubator for design driven researches to explore solutions on different types of emergencies from a non-conventional perspective. Workshop 5by5 build up skills set in research and design through intensive and inclusive activities. Participants are asked to reflect on and propose alternative solutions to complex situations such as post disaster contexts around the world.

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IMPORTANT: due to COVID-19, all Workshop 5by5’s activities will be organised in conformity with the WHO guidelines (or, if required, with local country laws).

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In the last 5 years, with this formal, informal, and non-formal learning methods, EAHR has complete many small research projects contributing to share and spread the concept that architecture can be a tool to enhance basic access to Human Rights (see projects). 

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