EAHR is looking for members to join our global network of people who are passionate about solving humanitarian challenges. We invite anyone who shares our values and believes to join us.
As a Member you contribute to the organisational growth, development and expansion, and you can be actively involved in our work.

Personal Memberships

Our core team and activities are supported by our members who share our mission to improve quality of living, building resilience, and defending human rights for the most vulnerable communities around the world.  

As a member you will get priority at our events around the world and receive direct information about new and ongoing projects. You are very welcome to contact us for more information about memberships and benefits.

The annual price of a personal membership is 120 kr./€15. 

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Corporate Memberships

Support an organisation which aligns with your mission and vision of creating a better future for our societies. As a member of EAHR your company will be able to make a difference in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, through concrete actions.

Our corporate memberships are tailor-made in order to ensure the best possible collaboration. We do this by finding the exact area where you can make the biggest difference, whether that is in our projects, on a specific SDG or with technical support. In return we offer meaningful stories to your company’s brand and real impact in people’s lives, contributing towards your company’s CSR-strategy, mission, vision and values driving your organization, without deviating from your core business.

Email for information