EAHR provides a collection of services to spread their expert knowledge of architecture in humanitarian crises and emergencies. These services help raise funds, and allow us to create sustainable projects for thousands of beneficiaries.


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We believe in learning and building together. EAHR has conducted more than 35 architectural and construction workshops in collaboration with local partners and universities in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. Our workshops are designed specifically to meet local challenges and conditions. Here, we invite professionals, students, and others who are interested in building with us. Our workshops specialize in sustainable construction, working creatively with local resources, low tech construction, and design solutions for emergencies and vulnerable conditions.


We start with questions, not solutions. EAHR strives to create value for partners who work to create a positive change in the built environment. Believing in the importance of participation, we involve local communities, organizations, and decision-makers in creative co-design processes, working towards inclusivity in the design of the built environment.  To innovate in the field of participatory design, our team spans across disciplines such as architecture and anthropology and includes technical skillsets from audio and visual communication.


EAHR offers expertise on user-involvement, design methodology, and spatial solutions for vulnerable communities in Denmark and internationally. Our services are based on our extensive experience working with vulnerable groups such as refugees, homeless people, communities affected by natural disasters and emergencies, and minorities who seek stronger representation in questions of the built environment.